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Shock Mounts

Shock Mounts

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Shock Mounts

Shock mounts are essential accessories used to isolate microphones from vibration and handling noise, ensuring clean and professional audio recordings by reducing unwanted low-frequency rumble and mechanical disturbances. Let’s delve into the world of shock mounts, each offering stability, isolation & improved audio quality.

Exploring Our Shock Mount Stock

Elastic Suspension Shock Mounts: These shock mounts feature elastic bands or suspension systems that hold the microphone in place while isolating it from external vibrations. They effectively minimize mechanical noise caused by handling or disturbances in the environment, ideal for studio recordings.

 Basket-Style Shock Mounts: Utilising a basket-like structure with elastic bands of suspension systems, these shock mounts encase the microphone within a cradle. They provide additional protection against vibrations and handling noise while allowing flexibility in microphone movement. 

Universal and Custom-fit Shock Mounts: Universal shock mounts are designed to accommodate a wide range of microphone sizes, providing versatility for various microphone models. Custom-fit shock mounts are specifically tailored to match a particular microphone model, offering optimal isolation and stability.

Compact and Portable Shock Mounts: These shock mounts are designed for on-the-go use or portable recording setups. They offer stability and isolation while being lightweight and easy to transport, suitable for field recording, remote interviews, or mobile studios. 

Vibration Resistant Shock Mounts: Engineered with advanced vibration-resistant materials or technologies, these shock mounts offer enhanced isolation from low-frequency vibrations, ensuring clean and pristine audio recordings even in challenging environments.


Enhance your audio recordings and minimize unwanted vibrations with the range of shock mounts. Whether it’s the stability and isolation of elastic suspension or basket-style mounts, the versatility of universal and custom-fit options, the portability of compact design, or the advanced vibration resistance of specialized shock mounts, our selection caters to various recording setups. Explore our premium-quality shock mounts available at Prolightsounds and achieve clean, professional-grade audio recordings for studio sessions, field recording, podcasting, and more.

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