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Elevate Your Sound Control with Professional Mixers

Explore Prolightsounds' comprehensive collection of mixers designed to enhance your audio control and production capabilities. From live performances to studio recordings, discover a range of mixers that cater to various applications and user requirements.


  • Analog Mixers:Experience traditional control & warmth with our analog mixers, offering intuitive interfaces and tactile controls suitable for live sound, small studios, and straightforward setups.
  • Digital Mixers:Delve into the world of digital precision and versatility with our digital mixers, providing advanced features, effects processing, and extensive connectivity options for studio and live applications.
  • Powered Mixers:Find compact, all-in-one solutions with our powered mixers, incorporating built-in amplification suitable for small venues, performances, or events requiring a portable and efficient setup.
  • DJ Mixers:Explore our range of DJ mixers equipped with specialized features, effects, & controls tailored for DJs and electronic music producers, ensuring seamless mixing and creative possibilities.


  • Audio Control:Our mixers offer precise control over audio levels, EQ settings, effects, and routing, empowering users to shape their sound with accuracy.
  • Versatility and connectivity:Enjoy a wide range of inputs, outputs, and connectivity options, accommodating various instruments, microphones, devices, and setups.
  • Intuitive Interface:Whether analog or digital, our mixers boast user-friendly interfaces, ensuring ease of use for beginners and professionals alike.
  • Built-in Effects and Processing:Digital mixers offer an array of built-in effects, EQ options, dynamics processing & presets, providing extensive creative control and sound enhancement.
  • Durability and Reliability:Built with quality components, our mixers ensure reliability even under demanding use, making them ideal for both studio and live environments. 


  • Expandability and Integration:Many of our mixers support expandability and integration with other audio equipment, allowing users to customize and scale their setups according to their evolving needs.
  • Customer Satisfaction:At Prolightsounds, customer satisfaction is our priority. Enjoy reliable shipping, responsive customer support & a hassle-free return policy for a seamless shopping experience.


Whether you are a live sound engineer, a recording enthusiast, a DJ, or a music producer, Prolightsounds' mixer collection offers a range of options to suit your audio needs. From analog warmth to digital precision, our mixers provide the tools to enhance your sound control, creativity, and production quality.

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