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Guitar Stands and Hangers

Guitar Stands and Hangers

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Guitar Stands and Hangers

Guitar stands and hangers offer a safe and convenient way to display and store your prized instrument when it's not in use. Let's explore the world of guitar stands and hangers, each designed to provide stability, protection, and easy access to your guitar, ensuring it's always within reach. Let's explore different types of guitar stands and hangers of Prolightsounds.

A Frame Stands: These stands have a simple, sturdy design, often made of metal or wood, and offer stability while showcasing your guitar. They're versatile, suitable for both acoustic and electric guitars, and ideal for home use or studio settings.

Compact/ Folding Stands: Designed for portability and space-saving, these stands can fold down to a smaller size, making them convenient for musicians on the go. They offer stability while being easy to transport, making them great for gigs, rehearsals, or travel.

Wall Hangers: Wall-mounted hangers provide an elegant way to display your guitar while saving floor space. They come in various designs, such as horizontal or angled hangers, and are suitable for showcasing your instrument as a decorative piece.

Multi-Guitar Stands: Ideal for musicians with multiple guitars, these stands accommodate several instruments at once, providing a space-saving and organized storage solution. They come in various configurations, from floor stands to cracks, catering to different numbers and types of guitars.

Specialty Stands/ Hangers: There are stands and hangers specifically designed for unique guitar shapes, such as headless guitars, V-shaped guitars, or bass guitars. These specialized holders ensure a secure and stable display or storage for unconventional instrument shapes.


Discover the perfect guitar stand or hanger to display, store, and protect your cherished instrument. Whether it's the stability of A-frame stands, the portability of compact/ folding stands, the space-saving elegance of wall hangers, the multi-guitar convenience of racks, or the specialized holders for unique guitar shapes, our range caters to every musician's needs. Safeguard your guitars in style with our premium-quality stands and hangers available on our website.


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