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Microphone Stands

Microphone Stands

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Microphone Stand

Microphone stands are essential accessories that play a crucial role in achieving optimal microphone placement for various audio applications. Explore our range of mic stands, each designed to meet specific needs, ensuring stability, flexibility, and convenience in your recording setup.

Let’s Explore Different Stands Available in Our Store

Boom Arm Stands :  Ideal for overhead microphone placement, boom arm stands offer extended reach and flexibility. Perfect for capturing vocals, instruments, or podcasting setups where precise microphone positioning is crucial.

Straight Stands: Classic and versatile straight microphone stands provide a stable platform for microphones. They are suitable for a variety of applications, from live performances to studio recordings, offering simplicity and reliability.

Low-Profile Stand: Designed to stay inconspicuous, low-profile stands are excellent for capturing audio in tight spaces or when a discreet setup is desired. They provide stability while minimizing visual impact.

Desktop Stands Compact and convenient, desktop stands are perfect for recording on desks or tabletops. They offer a space-efficient solution for podcasters, streamers, or anyone recording in a confined space.

Telescopic Stands: Featuring adjustable height options, telescopic stands provide flexibility in microphone placement. They are suitable for different recording scenarios, allowing users to adapt the stand’s height to their specific needs.

Overhead Stands: Specialized for overhead making, these stands are designed to suspend microphones from above, capturing audio from unique angles. They are commonly used for drum overheads, choir recordings, or capturing room ambiance.

Specialty Stands Tailored for specific applications, specialty stands cater to unique recording needs. This category includes stands designed for specific instruments or setups, ensuring optimal microphone positioning for specialized use cases.

Microphone Stand Accessories: Enhance your microphone setup with a variety of accessories, including clips, adapters, and mounts. These accessories provide additional versatility and customization to meet your specific recording requirements.


Discover the perfect microphone stand for your recording needs within our diverse categories. Whether it’s the extended reach of boom arm stands, the versatility of telescopic options, or the convenience of desktop solutions, our selection ensures stability and flexibility in your audio capture. Explore our premium-quality microphone stands and accessories available on Prolightsounds, and elevate your recording experience with the right support for your microphones.

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