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Live Sound Mixer

Live Sound Mixer

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Live Sound Mixer

Step into the world of audio mixers, the central hub where audio artistry comes to life. Our store's diverse mixers offer a range of options meticulously designed to cater to various audio needs, ensuring exceptional sound quality for different settings and applications.

Let's Explore Different Audio Mixers

Analog Mixers: Embrace the simplicity and reliability of analog mixers, offering tactile control over audio signals. Ideal for smaller live events or setups, these mixers provide easy operation and versatility.

Digital Mixers: Harness the power of digital technology with digital mixers, offering advanced features, extensive signal processing & precise control over audio parameters. Perfect for larger live events, concerts, and situations where flexibility is paramount.

Powered Mixers: Streamline your setup with powered mixers, combining a mixer and power amplifier in one unit. These all-in-one solutions are practical for scenarios where space and setup time are critical factors.

DJ Mixers: Tailored for DJs and electronic music performances, DJ mixers offer features such as crossfaders, EQ controls, and effects. They are essential for blending and transitioning between different audio sources seamlessly.

Line Mixers: Manage multiple audio sources effortlessly with line mixers designed for combining signals into a single output. These versatile tools are invaluable for routing and balancing various signals before reaching the main mixer.

Live Sound Mixer Accessories: Enhance your live sound setup with accessories such as mixer cases, rack mounts, mixer covers, and cables. These accessories contribute to the longevity and functionality of your mixer, ensuring a reliable audio setup.


Take command of your live sound experience with your comprehensive live sound mixers category, featuring analog, digital, powered, DJ, and line mixers. 

Whether you're hosting a small event or managing a large concert, these selections offer the versatility and precision needed to achieve exceptional audio quality. Explore premium quality live sound mixers and accessories available on Prolightsounds and elevate your live performances to new heights.

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