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Guitar Cases and Gig Bags

Guitar Cases and Gig Bags

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Guitar Cases and Gig Bags

Cases and gig bags are essential companions for safeguarding your guitar, ensuring its protection from damage and environmental factors while offering convenience during transportation. Let's explore the world of guitar cases and gig bags, each designed to cater to specific needs, styles, and levels of protection. Let's explore the different types of Guitar cases and bags:

Hardshell Cases: Known for their sturdy construction and robust protection, hardshell cases feature durable wood or plastic exteriors. They offer excellent protection against impacts, bumps, and environmental elements, making them ideal for extensive travel and touring. These cases often have plush interiors to cushion the guitar securely. 

Gig Bags: Lightweight and portable, gig bags offer convenience and ease of transport without compromising protection. These bags feature padded interiors and durable exteriors made of fabrics like nylon or polyester. While providing adequate protection against scratches, dust, and minor impacts, guitar gig bags are perfect for everyday use, short trips, or local gigs.

Hybrid Cases: Combining the benefits of both hardshell cases and gig bags, hybrid cases offer a balance between protection and portability. They feature a semi-grid construction with reinforced padding, offering enhanced protection compared to gig bags while maintaining a lighter and more portable design than traditional hardshell cases.

Flight Cases: Designed for maximum protection during air travel and heavy-duty use, flight cases feature ultra-durable exteriors, often made of aluminum or composite materials, with reinforced corners and heavy-duty hardware. They offer unparalleled protection against rough handling, making them essential for touring musicians and frequent flyers.

Backpack-style cases: These cases provide the convenience of backpack-style straps, allowing easy carrying on the back for hands-free transport. They offer comfort and portability while maintaining decent protection for the instrument, making them popular among musicians on the go.


Ensure the safety of your cherished instrument with our range of guitar cases and gig bags, each made to offer the perfect balance of protection, portability, and convenience. Whether you seek the rugged security of hardshell cases, the versatility of gig bags, or the enhanced protection of hybrid or flight cases, explore our selection to find the ideal choice for safeguarding your guitar. Explore our premium-quality cases and gig bags available on Prolightsounds and embark on worry-free travels with your instrument.

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