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Amplifiers and Effects

Amplifiers and Effects

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Discover the power & versatility of Prolightsounds' exceptional collection of guitar amplifiers. Whether you're a professional musician or an avid enthusiast, explore our range of amplifiers designed to elevate your guitar-playing experience to new sonic heights.


  • Tube Amplifier:Immerse yourself in your tube amplifiers' warm, vintage tones. Experience the classic sound & responsive dynamics that define legendary guitar tones.
  • Solid-State Amplifiers:Explore our range of solid-state amplifiers, offering reliability, versatility, and modern features suitable for various musical genres and playing styles.
  • Modeling Amplifiers:Dive into innovation with our modeling amplifiers. These versatile amps emulate a myriad of tines, effects, and amp simulations, providing an extensive sonic palette for experimentation. 
  • Combo Amps and Amp Heads:Choose from our selection of combo amplifiers or amp heads, allowing you to build your ideal rig or enjoy an all-in-one solution for practice, recording, or live performances.


  • Superior Tone:Our amplifiers deliver exceptional sound quality, providing rich, dynamic tones that enhance your playing experience.
  • Versatility:Whether you seek vintage warmth, modern precision, or a blend of both, our amplifiers offer versatile tonal options to suit various musical genres and playing preferences.
  • Power and Durability:Built with quality components, our amplifiers ensure reliability, power, & durability, suitable for stage, studio, or practice sessions.
  • Portability and Convenience:Select from compact, portable options or powerful heads and cabs designed for larger setups, catering to different performance needs.
  • Customer Satisfaction:At Prolightsounds, customer satisfaction is paramount. Benefit from reliable shipping, responsive customer support, and a hassle-free returns policy for a seamless shopping experience.


Whether you're chasing the classic rock tones of yesteryears, experimenting with modern soundscapes, or seeking the perfect amplifier for your unique playing style, Prolightsounds' collection of guitar amplifiers offers a wide range of options to unleash your musical creativity.

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