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Foam Windscreens

Foam Windscreens

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Foam Windscreens

Foam windscreens are essential accessories designed to minimize wind noise, breath sounds, and other subtle disturbances during audio recordings. Let’s delve into the world of foam windscreens, each offering effective protection against unwanted noises, clarity, and improved audio quality.

Now Explore the Different Foam Windscreens in Our Store

Universal Foam Windscreen: These windscreens are designed to fit a wide range of microphone shapes and sizes, offering a universal solution for various microphone models. They provide a simple yet effective way to reduce plosive sounds and wind interference during recordings.

Lavalier Microphone Windscreen: Specifically tailored for Lavalier microphones, these windscreens offer a secure and snug fit. They are ideal for minimizing breathing noises and ensuring clear audio capture during interviews, presentations, or other situations where lavalier mics are used.

Shotgun Microphone Windscreens: Designed to fit over shotgun microphones, these windscreens effectively reduce wind noise without compromising the directional characteristics of the microphone. They are essential for outdoor recording scenarios where wind interference is common.

Colored Windscreen: Some foam windscreens come in various colors, allowing users to personalize their microphone setup or use color-coding for different microphones. While offering aesthetic choices, they maintain the primary

Multi-Pack Foam Windscreens: Available in bulk packages, these windscreens provide cost-effective solutions for users with multiple microphones or those who need replacement over time. They ensure that users always have a supply of fresh windscreen on hand.


Improve your audio recordings and ensure clarity with our range of foam windscreens. Whether it’s the universal fit of windscreens, the tailored solutions for lavalier or shotgun microphones, the option for colored windscreens, or the convenience of multi-pack offerings, our selection caters to diverse recording needs. Explore premium quality foam windscreens available on Prologhtsounds and experience cleaner, more professional audio capture by minimizing wind noise and breath sounds during studio recordings, fieldwork, interviews, and more.

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