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Phantom Power Supplies

Phantom Power Supplies

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Phantom Power Supplies

Phantom power supplies are essential devices used in audio setups to provide power to condenser microphones and certain audio equipment, ensuring proper functionality and optimal performance. Let’s delve into the world of phantom power supplies, each offering reliable power delivery and compatibility with various audio devices.

Let’s Explore the Phantom Power Stocks

48V Phantom Power Supplies: The most common type, these supplies deliver a standard 48 volts of DC power through XLR cables to a condenser mic and certain preamps. They enable condenser microphones to operate by supplying the necessary power for their internal circuitry, ensuring high-quality audio capture.

12V, 24V Phantom Power: Some microphones or audio devices might require lower voltage levels, such as 12V or 24V phantom power. Specific power supplies cater to these requirements, offering compatibility with a broader range of audio equipment.

Single and Multiple Channel Power Supplies: Single-channel phantom power supplies cater to individual microphones or devices, providing power to one input. Multiple-channel supplies offer power to several microphones simultaneously, providing convenience for setups with multiple condenser microphones.

Portable Phantom Power Supplies: Designed for on-the-go use or field recording setups, portable phantom power supplies are compact and battery-powered, offering mobility and convenience for powering condenser microphones in remote locations without access to AC power.

Universal Compatibility: High-quality phantom power supplies are designed to be compatible with a wide range of audio devices, ensuring reliable and clean power delivery without introducing noise or interference into the audio signal.

Ensure proper functionality and optimal performance of condenser microphones and specific audio equipment with our range of phantom power supplies. Whether it’s the standarized 48V supplies, options for 12V or 24V power, single or multiple channel supplies, portable solutions for on-the-go use, or universal compatibility with various audio devices, our selection caters to diverse power supply needs. Explore our premium-quality phantom power supplies available on Prolightsounds and power your condenser microphones and audio equipment reliably for studio recordings, live performances, broadcasting, and more.

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