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Payment policy

At Prolightsounds, we facilitate secure and convenient transactions between buyers and sellers within our platform. Our Payment Policy outlines the guidelines and procedures related to payment methods, transaction security, and payment processing.

  1. Accepted Payment Methods
  • 1 Payment Options: Prolightsounds supports various payment methods, including but not limited to credit/debit cards, electronic fund transfers, and other secure online payment gateways.
  • 2 Currency: Transactions on Prolightsounds are conducted in USD. Buyers and sellers should ensure they are aware of the currency used for transactions to avoid misunderstandings.
  1. Payment Processing
  • 1 Order Payment: Upon placing an order, buyers will be prompted to provide payment details. The payment will be processed immediately or as per the agreed-upon schedule with the selected payment method.
  • 2 Authorization & Verification: For security purposes, Prolightsounds may verify payment details and reserves the right to authorize or decline transactions based on validation procedures.
  1. Transaction Security
  • 1 Secure Transactions: Prolightsounds employs industry-standard encryption and security protocol to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of payment information. We prioritize the protection of sensitive financial data during transactions.
  • 2 Fraud Prevention: Prolightsounds employs measures to detect and prevent fraudulent activities. Any suspicious transactions will be investigated, and appropriate actions will be taken.
  1. Payment Disputes and Chargebacks
  • 1 Dispute resolutions:In the event of payment-related disputes or disputes or discrepancies, buyers and sellers are encouraged to communicate and attempt to resolve issues directly. 
  • 2 Chargebacks:Chargebacks initiated by buyers through their payment providers may result in a temporary suspension of the seller's account pending investigation.
  1. Seller Payouts
  • 1 Payout Schedules:Sellers will receive payouts for completed and confirmed transactions according to the payout schedule agreed upon with Prolightsounds. Payouts may be subject to processing times and transaction fees.
  • 2 Payment Reconciliation:Sellers should review their payout statements regularly to ensure accuracy. Any discrepancies should be reported to Prolightsounds for investigation. 

  1. Fee Structure
  • 1 Transaction Fees: Prolightsounds may charge transaction fees on commissions on completed sales. Details regarding applicable fees will be provided to sellers upon registration or as updated.
  • 2 Fees Update: Prolightsounds reserves the right to update or modify the fee structure. Sellers will be notified of any changes in advance.
  1. Policy Compliance
  • Adherence to Policy: Buyers and sellers are expected to comply with this Payment Policy when conducting transactions on Prolightsounds. Any violations may result in account restrictions or termination.
  1. Policy Updates
  • Prolightsounds reserves the right to revise or update the Payment Policy. Users will be notified of any changes, and continued use of the platform constitutes acceptance of the updated terms.

For further inquiries or clarifications regarding payments, don't hesitate to get in touch with us for assistance.